Workflow or how we work


1. We begin our work with a discussion. What is the project, what does it include, what does the client want to do, and in general, what tasks do we face. At the very beginning of the work, the director or the person who is responsible for this process introduces us to his product or service.


2. We make a project proposal in which we argue or show in numbers how to do an advertising campaign for a client, which service to choose and, in general, which strategy to choose for more effective promotion.


3. We make a video or a regular call, you can also save business correspondence, at the request of the client. In this block, we get to know each other visually or online.


4. We offer the best offer, according to your budget. We analyze the market and competitors. Whatever you overpay, but stay ahead of your competitors and take a leading position in advertising and in search results.


5. We acquaint you with our contract and terms of cooperation.


6. We approve payment terms.


7. We sign a contract and issue an invoice for payment.


8. Depending on the task of our service, we perform the task assigned to us.


9. We are finishing the project.


10. After completion, we ask our customers to leave feedback on the clutch and linkedin. This serves to ensure that our clients always know about our quality of our work and whether our previous client was satisfied.