How to simplify work for the digital companies

In this article, we would like to tell you about our close and often fruitful work with digital companies, website developers and app creators. Our company will tell you how to simplify and optimize the work, but also how to collect all your developments and cases in one place.

In 2019, we were approached by a company that promotes and creates websites. They needed to make a showreel – a demo that would provide the best examples of their work and within a short period of time tell them everything the viewer needs to know about the company’s activities. The task was interesting, but there was one nuance – we had never done this kind of work before. Never before. We did not even understand where to start and what the final product should look like. Moreover, everything was complicated by the fact that the company worked exclusively for the American market.

We started by asking how they came to this decision to order a showreel from us, and why it was needed. The answer was simple – their sales managers work at various American platforms, where they send their project proposals to potential clients. And the United States is a country oversaturated by a huge of a wide variety of goods and services, it is very difficilt to come and and surprise the consumer.

When sending us a collaboration proposal, the company secured a demo with 30-45 of the best pieces they had in their portfolio. After studying the demo, we asked the question – what will encourage Americans to watch exactly the demo that we will create for this company? The answer was simple – since the average American often receives such videos as advertisements on every day basis, there is a real chance that he will be able to set aside at least 30 seconds of his time and watch it. And even if the video does not encourage a potential client to order a service, the information will stay in his head and, if necessary, consumer can remember about the product at the right time. In general, the faster, easier and clearer you can convey to a potential client what exactly you are selling, the better. That is why a high-quality demo video is so necessary and important.

Of course, we were surprised by such an offer, since it was not our profile, and we thought that it would be a one-time project, which, so to speak, came to us by chance.

After a couple of months, we were genuinely surprised, as we were consistently approached by different clients with similar projects. But out of all, so to speak, a scattering of clients, we especially remember one due to an unusual and non-standard order.

Young guys from Ukraine made a startup focused on farmers. They created an application that measures the condition of the soil. When using a special device, the information is transmitted to the application and thus the farmer can remotely monitor the moisture content and the general condition of the soil online. The catch was that they did not have the funds for this invention and therefore needed a demonstration for potential investors.

They wanted to go to a specialized exhibition and present their invention, but the budget did not match their desires. As a result, they came to the decision that they needed to make a stand, a sample and also a video for this exhibition – their budget was enough for this. They ordered 3D promo products from us, but most importantly, they asked us to make an animation for a yet-to-be-existing application. We have been working on all the nuances and appearance of the application for a long time. The main task was to make a convincing demonstration video for potential investors and customers.

The essence of this story is simple – no matter what your budget is, the main thing is the desire to promote your product or startup. Any new solutions become typical over time and are already used by default. The only question is who and when will start using modern methods to move towards their goal.

The example of a case with agricultural developers made it clear to us that even in such a well-established, traditional niche, everything innovative and modern is used more and more often, in some ways outperforming even the digital industry. And this is all because they take risks and are not afraid to use the newest tools to achieve their goals.

Thus, our article is aimed at developers of applications, websites and companies that promote brands, and the conclusion from the above story is simple – do not be afraid to use animation tools, visual effects, and so on. After all, with proper use, you will be able to achieve a greater result – to show your work or capabilities in a quality way, as well as to correctly present any of your ideas, than simply using other means to convey your thoughts to potential clients or investors. After all, with a good idea and a desire to work, but without finance, you will not be able to achieve the desired results. This case shows how, thanks to the initiative and interesting approach, the guys were able to achieve their goal. So move on and grow!

Marketing effectiveness of animated content compared to traditional content:

With the current trend and increased demand for animation and visual effects, clients and potential investors want to see momentum in video. That is, the video should be bright, colorful and exciting, but at the same time, the audience should have a clear understanding of what kind of services you provide and what you do from the very first seconds of the video. It’s no secret that now everything is moving into the media space, and without it, the existence of companies like yours is almost impossible.

That is why we analyzed the market, spent a lot of time on it, and all in order to select the right services that will not only help you run your business, but also significantly increase sales, of course, with the right approach and competent implementation of the animation video as a tool to promote your ideas and concepts.

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