Timing is the time interval for which a certain number of words or sentences will be read.

  • You will know how much time was found by your text announcer.
  • This is necessary in advertising, where the duration of the audio clip is limited.
  • In video production, you will know that you will be able to find a video sequence to lay down the text and vice versa, if the pauses are too long.
  • In the production of audiobooks, presentations, calculation of announcers’ rates.


What is the average speech speed of people?

The speed of speech depends on the purpose of the utterance. The average rate of speech in English is 120–130 words per minute. It can be much higher for radio announcers or podcast hosts.
Here are examples of what the pace of speech can be in different situations:
Presentation: 100–110 words per minute
Conversation: 110–120 words per minute
Audiobooks: 120 words per minute
Radio and podcasts: 130–150 words per minute
Commentators: 150–170 words per minute


The action of the Chronometer is based on the principle of the average count of words, based on the rule “two words equal one second”. All that remains for the program is to correctly count the words and display the results of the calculations in a convenient form:

  • Minimum timing – the announcer reads at a fast pace
  • Optimal timing – the announcer reads at an average pace

The traditional determination of timekeeping using a stopwatch in the absence of experience often gives an erroneous result. In practice, the announcer reads the same text more slowly – the professional announcer’s presentation differs in tempo from “everyday” human speech. It is this difference that Chronomer takes into account above all.