Search Engine Reputation Management. In its simplest explanation, SERM governs what is said about your identity or your business on the Internet. Many people think that tracking information about themselves is not important and no one will do it, but if you have ever seen a simple hidden camera video go viral, you understand how quickly information spreads.

Online reputation management

When someone publicly praises you, you most likely want everyone to know about it. If it was done online, you can link to positive reviews that will bring new customers to you. However, if some say something bad about you, such comments can fly through forums, social networks, blogs faster than forest fires.

Business orders SERM in such situations:

– competitors ordered black PR

– the search results of a certain company are full of negative reviews

– search results are filled with false information about the product/service

– a new field of activity has not yet become popular

Why work on reputation?

All negativity is divided into two types:

– Competitive wars. The black PR of a competitor’s company can do you great harm.

– Real negative reviews. Such reviews are no less dangerous.

Everything on the Internet is always transparent. If even the secret services cannot hide their data, then is there any point in talking about simple Internet projects. At the same time, not all people are generous with positive reviews and spare no effort and time to denigrate the name of the company. Moreover, there are twice as many negative reviews as positive ones.

Good reputation management consists of five points:

– Tracking brand mentions

– Placement on external sites (posting links and reviews on review sites, forums, blogs, social networks)

– Optimization of search results (removal of negativity from the TOP of search engines)

– Communication with the client

– Prompt response (especially relevant for black PR)

Basic SERM Methods:

– Stealth marketing is a method of conveying information in such a way that a person does not feel that they are being manipulated. For example: a company pays a person who is popular with the audience for the public use of the product.

– Online reputation management is a method of identifying certain factors that affect the reputation of a business using certain services. In case you order this service over the hill, look for it under the name Online Reputation Management.

– Reputation management in search results – monitoring of mentions of the company in search results, instant elimination of negativity.

Who is SERM good for:

– Brands

– Products

– Companies

– Web sites

– Public people (singers, actors, football players, politicians, etc.)

It is important to know:

People believe more in the negative and have a very peculiar attitude towards positive reviews, alas, but they are stingy on this score. If there are too many positive reviews about your company / product, people will immediately understand that they are custom-made. That is why SERM is a massive effort to improve the reputation of your business. If you want to learn about your reputation and improve it, you can’t do without the help of qualified companies. Creating a successful image of your company, monitoring and improving search results, communication with users are needed in order to keep the information field clean.