Search engine advertising is a way to promote a company by setting contextual ads using Google Adwords

Advertising in search engines depends on what query the user has entered, as well as what keywords and region the advertiser has set up his ad for. Visually, SEA differs from SEO in the adjacent icon labeled “Advertising”.

The most popular payment system for promoting with the help of SEA is formed on the principle of “pay per click” (abbreviated as PPC). That is, the payment occurs for the click that the user made to go to your site.


The cost per click of PPC ads also has its own abbreviation – CPC (cost per click). 


CPC can vary depending on various factors:

– Niche competition (the higher it is, the higher the cost of paying SEA)

– Region

– Season

– Time of day and others

Advantages of SEA promotion:

– Instant results, unlike SEO

– The position of the advertisement is fixed

– Flexible system settings and the ability to make changes to the campaign

Cons of SEA:

– Short-term effect – while paying for advertising, while it will bring results. This is the main difference between SEA and SEO

– You need a budget to pay for the context and it can be many times more than what is required for SEO promotion

– If you want to increase the number of requests for which the site will be displayed, you will have to pay extra

– Ads can be clicked by bots or competitors. As a result, there are a lot of transitions, and the conversion is minimal

– Users have less trust in SEA.

Why is it worth ordering contextual advertising?

– The fastest channel to attract targeted traffic

– Additional sales channel

– Rapid increase in profits

– Increasing awareness of a new brand/product


This is a set of actions that are aimed at improving the position of the site for targeted queries in the organic search results of search engines such as Google.

The higher the position of the site in the search results, the more likely it is that the user will go to it and subsequently perform the necessary action from him (ordering a service, buying a product, etc.).

There are many factors that affect the position of a site.

They change over time, but among the most relevant now are:

– Correct display of the site on various devices and browsers

– Ease of use (usability) and clarity of the structure

– Optimization of texts and meta-data for target queries;

– The uniqueness of the content and its usefulness

– Increasing the reference mass (posting links on third-party resources)

– User behavior on the site.

Advantages of SEO promotion:

– Long-term effect – unlike advertising, you can’t just turn it off

– The site receives targeted traffic that is interested in your products / services

– The number of visitors does not directly depend on the invested budget

– The number of requests that can be in the TOP is not limited

– Greater trust among users.

Cons of SEO:

– Promotion will take time – the effect is not immediate

– We need a budget to improve the site’s quality indicators and fill it with content, but this subsequently pays off;

– Site ranking algorithms may change, but it’s important to keep an eye on trends and follow them.

Why search engine promotion is so important for your website

– The ultimate goal of creating and launching any site is to receive and grow profits. This is true for selling sites, official company portals, information platforms, and of course for an online store. The goal will be achieved if it is possible to achieve high traffic and conversion rates. To do this, it is important to bring the site to the TOP – the first positions of the issuance of user requests in the search engine. The percentage of clicks on such web resources is higher, therefore, there are more opportunities for further development and profit maximization

– Sites that occupy leading positions inspire more trust among visitors

– The user is more likely to go to your resource, displayed in the first places, in order to save personal time

– The conversion of the site, which is in the first positions of the issue, is much higher than the advertising conversion

– Search engine promotion of sites is a highly effective marketing tool designed to attract a visitor to a web resource. Unlike contextual advertising, SEO does not give an instant effect. With a competent approach, the site owner will see a gradual increase in the audience. We guarantee the achievement of positive dynamics for our clients (by providing monthly reporting on SEO) and offer affordable prices for website promotion.

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