How to attract new clients to Jewellery Companies?


The company was founded in 1998. In 2003, jewellery supermarkets appeared in the Gorodok and Pyramida shopping centres in Kiev, based on the model of multi-brand stores, where departments of various jewellery manufacturers were located, as well as private entrepreneurs selling jewellery.

Over the 20 years of its existence, Ukrzoloto has become a national brand, more than 160 stores have been opened across the country, including four marketplaces.


Create a 3D promo for a jewellery company: an image video that presents the level of products. Attract new consumers in the segment up to 30 years. All animation should be easy to understand, dynamic and understandable to the viewer.

Terms – 3 weeks.

Jewellery companies must change strategy

For 20 years, Ukrainian jewellery companies have formed a certain portrait of the consumer, which has “ossified” and has not changed for a long time. We took the risk of changing the positioning of our brand, which is classic for a jewellery company, and making a video that could attract the attention of a young audience. Such an audience responds better to dynamic, vibrant video content, with animation and visual effects.

The following factors complicate the work:

  1. The company has been on the market for a long time, and it was impossible to go beyond the image.
  2. The video should combine two portraits of consumers, regular customers and new ones.
  3. The video had to be in the corporate style, but taking into account modern trends.

How did we solve the problem

Before starting work, we always ask the client what effect he wants to achieve and what task to solve. In our case, the client wanted to test a new 3D animation tool for him (instead of shooting) and understand how effectively such content would work in online promotion.

Together with the customer, we determined the style and overall pace of the animation.

It should be a smooth but not boring video sequence that would demonstrate the design of the product and its beauty. From scene to scene, the appearance of the product and its execution options should be revealed.

Where can you use the video clip?

  • Youtube. This is a platform with the most solvent audience under the age of 30-40 years. The video is in Full HD format.
  • Instagram – Facebook. Instagram is expected to account for probably more than 50 percent of the total ad campaign budget. Especially for this, we adapted the video for square and vertical formats and edited special, short versions of 5 and 12 seconds.
  • Corporate website. Video in Full HD format, on the product page, home page, or anywhere else on the site. The video is a good addition to any existing content.
  • TV commercial. Brands that can afford it use TV ads. It is difficult for us to judge the effectiveness of such placement, but the fact remains: in 2021, TV advertising is still alive. For TV, a video clip adapted to the technical regulations of a particular channel is used.
  • LED outdoor advertising – 3D animation is great for demonstration in the mall, on the facades of buildings, led boards and along the roads. The video adapts depending on the size of the screen.

3D promotional animation, why the market leader chooses it

If you look at Western brands, you can state with confidence: 3d animation has firmly established itself in the arsenal of jewellery advertising tools. In our opinion, there are several reasons for this:

3D can look like filming, better than filming, or completely different – depending on what exactly you need to show the viewer. Combining real footage and 3D graphics, visual effects studios achieve a wow effect.

3D is great for young (~20 years old) people, the most active users of Instagram and TikTok. Some of them are already earning on their own, and are ready to actively buy. Properly presented video content can motivate them to go to the store. Of course, here the studio is required to show not only expertise in design, but also in video marketing.

General trends in commercial advertising. The use of 3D graphics has been a growing trend over the past 10 years. Every year the quality of three-dimensional graphics, which became almost photorealistic by 2010, has improved, and continues to improve to this day. The availability of technologies for small studios has grown: before, only the giants of the market could produce such advertising, now even a freelancer can produce acceptable quality. The general cost reduction resulted in the widespread use of 3D graphics in all types of advertising: images on Apple product packaging, pictures in a brochure of car manufacturers and even an image of chips printed on a pack of crisps are not created using a camera 🙂

How the video was made

We requested a 3D model of the product from the customer. It is worth noting that our clients usually send models with a large number of defects, and we have to fix them. Therefore, having opened the file, we first of all checked the quality of the topology – the model was exported without defects.

Next, we started creating style frames. Style – frames are freeze frames of the future video, which are as close as possible to the final result. With the help of them, the customer can very quickly get an idea of ​​how the video will look like: understand its style, atmosphere and design.

We imported the model into the scene, applied the materials, set the lighting and angle. After playing with post-processing, we achieved an effect that our client liked.

Having a set of style frames, we already understood what we would get in the end. The motion designer created animation concepts for each scene: somewhere they were simple camera overflights, somewhere they were animation of particles and the products themselves. In general, the video turned out to be balanced: dynamic scenes were replaced by smooth ones, demonstrating one product design after another.

As a result, we got a lot of animated finished scenes. During the editing process, some parts were rejected: we always try to leave only the most successful moments. Having chosen what will be included in the video, we gave it to our editor, having previously selected the soundtrack with the customer.


As a result, our client received a 25 second video in full HD, additional versions for Instagram in square and vertical formats. We met the deadlines, the client was satisfied, and so are we 🙂

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