Commercials make the hype on the market to this day

The best advertising, did hype in the market. Since the 80s, such commercials have been part of the marketing strategy and huge funds have been allocated for this area. Not only for creation, but also for analytics and data collection. This article will let you know that for over 40 years, commercials, product presentations, etc. it’s not just done. In order for advertising to be directed to the desired audience of the company. They use a lot of data, the interests of their customers, their wealth and many other indicators.

We will look at many examples of successful advertising. From history, as well as trending video ads and animated ads. All these examples either interest or lure, or they can tell what it consists of or how it works. All these videos evoke emotion or interest among reviewers or fans. And this is the main challenge when a company is trying to attract ideas that the consumer would try. Or create a positive mood and evoke the desired association in the future.

A lot of time was spent and is still being spent by marketers to find the best solution. But the solution to this problem always changes, competitors appear or circumstances change.

We recommend that you not only look at various foreign examples of your competitors. But also use their approach and tools. But to implement for our market, as it is different and a foreign strategy or a specific example may not work

An example of one of the best product presentations of the last century.

Of course, the most notable event was the year itself “1984”. The date is metaphorical and therefore frightening with an anti-utopian future. This is exactly what Steve Jobs played on, presenting the company as a saviour from Big Brother: This video was shot by Ridley Scott, director of Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, The Martian. The video was shown on January 22, 1984 during the Super Bowl.

Apple then took a very big risk: 370 thousand dollars were allocated for its production (now it is about 900 thousand). And if everything was bad, then he would not have gone further than the match.

The Super Bowl did not work: the results were known in advance, so the fans did not cause anything but yawns. And that’s why everything went well for Apple: the video “1984” was the most noteworthy event of the match. By showing it at the Super Bowl, Apple got millions of dollars worth of free publicity: TV news programs repeated it for another day.

“1984” is featured on many “Best Advertising Lists”. This video has become a masterpiece.

British athlete Anya Major played the title role in the “1984” video.

With this video, Apple created a mystical mystery around the Macintosh. How many more marketing campaigns after will be built on this tactic! And two days later they will present the first Macintosh. He definitely has to fight the “dark” world of IBM computers, as Ridley Scott bequeathed in his video.


The computer went on sale on January 26, 1984. During the first days of such devices sold for 3.5 million dollars. It is believed that this success came precisely because of the very advertising.

Video Ad Example

YouTube Music ad new

In this unrealistically popular video, YouTube presented a new music streaming service YouTube Music. It has many features waiting for you, like official audio and video, the best playlists, a huge amount of music from all over the world, live concerts, remixes and covers. Thanks to the use of cutting popular clips and music, the company was able to gain more than 40 million views.

Squarespace – Promotional video with a celebrity

NFL The 100-Year Game —

This commercial was filmed by Peter Berg to celebrate the NFL’s “100 Year Game”. It brought together 44 of the NFL’s greatest athletes past and present, who originally came to the official meeting, but something went wrong. More than 14 million people have already decided to watch how the best of the best compete at the festival.

Examples of animated ads

Velcro fastener VELCRO 3D promo animation

Approaches to advertising are changing, and a vivid proof of this is the Velcro roller. The advertisement shows the principle of Velcro using macro photography. At first glance, such a presentation seems incomprehensible and inefficient. But do not rush to conclusions: advertising allows you to see the principle of the product, to see the history of the creation of the brand and even the uniqueness of nature, which we often do not notice. And the Swiss Georges de Mestral, removing the burdock heads from the dog’s hair, noticed. This is how the famous Velcro, or Velcro tape, a trademark registered in many countries, appeared.

The LEGO – Turkish Airlines 3D Character Animation

This year there were some very cool commercials, the main actors of which were Lego men. The most popular of them was, with over 32 million views, a video about Turkish Airlines. In it, Lego heroes talk about how security is controlled and how cool Turkish Airlines is. Everyone’s favourite superheroes also appear in the video.

MEDMART 3D animation video

This demo of the MadMart application is designed to show the user all the delights of progress: now you can plan your visit to the cosmetic specialist, as well as follow the procedure. The time-consuming process (determine the budget, study the activities and choose a doctor you trust, photograph the part of the body you are interested in) these guys put in just a minute and a half.

In this case, 3D animation performs a very important function: it puts people at ease! A soft-coloured picture, a pleasant voice and a positive unobtrusive melody (reminiscent of one well-known simulator that girls especially love;) sets you up for a positive outcome of the procedure.

This is a great example of work that involves the location of people!

SPOTIFY 2D commercial

This music playback service has repeatedly upgraded its demo videos. And in 2011, they created this video to present their application in the USA. The message was: their app is very easy to use, so why use words when you can show everything with visuals and jazz! The ease of use of the application here sings in unison with the picture. Agree, you want to watch this video to the end to find out what they are advertising!


A simple demo, drawn in 2D, shows how the product works “in real life” through a question/answer form between the client and Google Assistant. Using real screencasts from the Internet, developers capture the attention of the audience. It’s better to show once than to tell 1000 times. When writing a script for such a video, you need to get as close as possible to the experience of your client when he uses your product.

Personal experience, thoughts.

Any advertising depends on a competent script and the idea itself. What do you want to convey to the browser. And it doesn’t matter what toolkit you will use and what you will use. The result is influenced by whether you were able to get to the point with the audience and whether you received a response from it. We showed different versions of commercials, they are aimed at different tasks and at certain browsers. Since for social networks today it is the main task, as long as possible for you to use the application and stay online in it. Previously, directing was used in advertising as in films. That at that moment caused indescribable sensations. In our realities, there is already an overabundance of everything and it is very difficult to surprise with something. Therefore, the video should evoke the desired emotion and convey the essence of it as simply as possible.


Try different methods and use old advertising techniques. As new, well-forgotten old. Fashion is returning not only for clothes, cars, accessories, etc. But the style in advertising is also greatly influenced, since advertising is aimed at the consumer, and the consumer needs the product. Advertising is forced to follow new trends and consumer needs, as well as meet the latest fashion trends, even if it looks visually ridiculous.

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