What is the number of characters?


A tool in the form of a calculator for automatically counting the number of characters is effectively used by SEO specialists, webmasters, marketers, copywriters and rewriters who professionally provide their services for preparing text material, guarantee high quality work to their customers and the required character limit.

To do this, you just need to copy the finished text, paste it into the field for verification, click the required function and get statistics on the study of the text in the table.

Although some people think that the number of characters is the total number of letters in the text, it is actually the total number of all characters with spaces. In most cases, character counting is necessary when the number of characters in a text or document is limited. In addition, some translators use the number of characters without spaces to determine the cost of a translation.


What is the difference between the number of words and the number of characters?


The number of words is the total number of words in the text, and the number of characters is the number of all characters in the text. To find out how many characters are in the text, you need to count all the characters, including special ones.



Why is word count important for SEO?


The number of words and characters on a page can directly affect its ranking. For example, the title and description that the user sees in the search results help him quickly understand the content of the page. Too long a title or description will prevent the user from doing this, and he will choose another site. The volume of the main text also needs to be monitored. Content that is shorter than your competitors can hurt your chances of promotion. And thanks to the voluminous text, you can fully reveal the topic. And the user will not need to leave the page in search of additional information. This will increase interest and position in the issuance.


Who is the word count test for?


Checking the word count is useful to everyone who works with texts. For example, the service will help bloggers, copywriters, SEO specialists in optimizing content, determining the cost of writing material, checking the number of words for advertisements, and much more. The tool is also useful in the field of education, both for students and teachers. For example, for writing and checking term papers, essays and essays. Word count will be needed in any office work where you need to translate texts, write articles, news and expert materials. These can be journalists, lawyers, secretaries, translators, etc.


Why might you need an online word counter or character counter?


The service for checking the number of characters in the text is an indispensable tool in many areas. With it, you can check the size of the title and description and ensure that their length does not exceed the allowable limits. Also, such a tool is useful to determine the optimal text size for advertisements, for example, in Google Ads. And the service will also help specialists to clearly follow the set task, where limits on characters are prescribed.