How to represent Vodka Producer effectively?

How to draw attention to your products? How to distinguish a company from competitors?

Expressively show your products with the help of visual effects and animation. The name of this type of advertising is 3D-promo. With its help, the manufacturer can present his product in 10 – 20 seconds of advertising time. We will consider a case in the niche of alcoholic products – a promotional video for vodka “SMIRNOFF”

Smirnoff is a brand of British beverage manufacturer Diageo. Initially, a Russian brand founded in Moscow by Pyotr Smirnov and changed owners several times.

Smirnoff is the best-selling vodka and distilled spirit (among the most expensive ones) in the world as of March 2006.


Create an advertisement for vodka in the premium segment. The video should demonstrate the product and be easy for the viewer to perceive.

Terms of work – 3 weeks.

Factors we looked at:

  • The brand had a certain visual style that was worth keeping in the video.
  • There shouldn’t have been a direct call to drink alcohol.


Classical, for many strong drinks, “ice” style was chosen. Associative model: freshness, purity, impeccable quality of the drink. It is worth noting that the red colour of the brand contrasts well with the cold background.

How did you solve the problem:

The most difficult role fell on the motion designers of the studio – to think over and implement a unique visual style for the video, taking into account the “seriousness” of the drink itself and the history of the brand.

We started by creating a digital copy of the drink along with the entire package. For this, two specialists were involved: a 3D modeller and a texture artist. The first created a three-dimensional model of a glass bottle, the second carefully copied the original label design. The resulting result looked identical to his real-world prototype.

Next, it was necessary to come up with a general concept for the video. The classic presentation of such products involves demonstrating the object from several angles, large and medium. At the end of the video, there must be a packshot – the final scene with the company’s slogan or logo. We decided to make it more dynamic and added the effect of thawing ice.

The result was 3 scenes: an ice scene, a close-up, and a packshot. The video itself did not exceed 20 seconds of timing.


When studying the market, we noticed that craft companies immediately began to enter the media space. By advertising their brand and also they are focused on certain consumers. They are aimed at the premium and high segment of the market. This is evidenced by their branding, price and media development.

Thus, a promo animation video was made, which not only emphasised the image and many years of experience of the company. But also serious changes in the field of media advertising. It is more difficult for large companies to switch to a new advertising format. Now very often block advertising campaigns associated with a direct appeal and even indirect to the use of alcohol. But we were able to implement this project in such a way that when watching this commercial, the browser would increase interest and desire to watch it to the end. The commercial does not carry any secret semantic load, it is aimed at auditory and visual receptors. To evoke a pleasant feeling in the browser.

The market is changing and the culture of drinking too. Thus, we change the culture of perception and positioning of the company with such a commercial.

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