Increase your brand awareness by ordering an image video. A video up to 1 minute with the help of pleasant images and a creative video sequence evokes emotions in the viewer. Emotions stay in memory along with your brand.

An image video is a presentation video. Its target orientation is connected with informing the audience: about the activities of the enterprise, demonstrating the positive qualities and advantages of the product in relation to competitors. The video can inform about participation in international exhibitions, about the quality of products and the uniqueness of the product.

You can order a creative commercial from the Based company, where a team of specialists will quickly prepare a script, mount the project and provide the customer with a finished version. Creating an image video with an interesting story is a great marketing move to improve your business and attract customers.

Benefits in creating a video for the image of the company and enterprise

The main advantage of image video is the free manner of narration, which significantly increases the response of the target audience. The script is practically unlimited, in such a video a pleasant atmosphere and a lot of positive emotions from viewing are created.

The main advantages of an animated video for brand image:


– entertaining character, easy plot and coverage of a large number of potential buyers;

– virality of such video and creative approach;

– compressed timing has a positive effect on viewing and promotion;

– creating a unique storyline with exciting moments.


In such a video, a visual demonstration of ideas and values ​​takes place, a perception of the company or its products is formed, and an acquaintance with the product takes place. After viewing it, the client shows confidence in the manufacturer, seeks to purchase his product. The video is suitable for businesses and startups. It can be placed for presentations, seminars, social networks

What tasks does he solve?

– Gives solidity and prestige to the company.

– Increases conversion on the site and increases reach.

– Sets the tone in the industry, positioning the company as an expert.

– Creates deep trust among potential customers.

Order if:

– if you need to brightly present a new product

– if you need to attract potential buyers to the presentation

– if the company’s goal is to impress investors

– if you want to focus on the advantages and benefits of cooperation