If a high-profile event is planned in your company that you want to announce, it is best to order a promotional video. A short video will advertise your product or service in just half a minute on any platform.

A promo video is a type of short promotional video about a company, its product (service) or event. Typically, the duration of such an animation does not exceed a minute. Unlike ordinary advertising, the main goal of a promotional video is to interest the viewer, to be remembered by him. What are the types of promotional videos? There are such types of promotional videos:

– Image – used to increase the recognition of a startup and / or its product (service). The main goal of an image video is not to sell, but to promote the brand, which in the future pushes viewers to buy.

– Product – used to introduce a potential customer to a product or service. This video is effective if the viewer is about to make a purchase, but still chooses between a number of options.

– Instruction – is created in order to tell the consumer about the convenience of using a product or service.

Advantages of ordering a promo video

– the ability to implement absolutely any ideas, even super-creative ones with complex creation of shapes and objects

– no restrictions on the creative approach to the implementation of the video

– Ability to create different characters

– it is possible to make edits at any stage of video creation

– multi functionality: promo can be used on completely different platforms, from video hosting to social networks

– multitasking: with the help of video, you can both successfully advertise the product and present it to the target audience

– much more


Why should a startup create a promotional video? 

With the help of a promotional video, a startup can:

– advertise your product, service or IT product

– increase conversion

– increase the credibility of the company

– to be remembered by a potential client, so that if necessary, the client would remember about a startup

Which startups would benefit from creating promotional videos:

– companies that create digital products, applications or websites

– online stores

– companies developing complex products

– education or entertainment business

– new media companies

– consulting startups

– digital companies providing advertising and PR services

– other startups that set themselves the goal of increasing conversion

What tasks does it solve?

– Arouses interest in the event, helps to attract new guests and visitors.

– Brightly presents his product, service or IT product on the market.

– It is remembered by a potential client, so that if necessary, he would remember about a startup.

– Attract new customers with a WOW effect and increase sales.


Order if:

– if you need to show a product that will be presented at an exhibition, conference, competition.

– if the company wants to present itself brightly on Internet resources and social networks.

– if the company plans to go on YouTube.

– if you want to achieve a positive effect from advertising on television.