Ordering a promotional video is to increase brand awareness and effectively promote your product or service. With it, you can introduce your ideas to the masses. While the video is being watched, you earn.

Video production studio “Based” is a well-known production studio in Ukraine. She takes on the most complex orders, performing them at a professional level. The main direction of its activity is the production of advertising videos. This direction has received great demand in business, trade, and industrial production. Commercials are aimed at improving the image, increasing sales and attracting customers.

Types of commercials

Advertising development is a key area of ​​work for our studio. We offer to order a promotional video at an individual price. With us you will receive a personal approach to each order. 

Main video types:

– corporate

– video advertising

– video clip

– film

– video presentation

– animation

We create turnkey professional advertising videos, as well as montage for social networks: YouTube or Instagram. Videos are created in 3D and 2D format, taking into account all the preferences of the client. In the process of creating the final product, colour correction is carried out. It is proposed to create interesting projects for business and guarantee the implementation of those installations that involve attracting more consumers, which leads to increased demand and increased profits. The studio offers the creation of a promo video, presentation, doodle video, infographic for a startup.

What tasks does it solve


– Increases company awareness and makes the brand more unique from competitors.

– Promotes the brand among potential buyers.

– Increases sales from the site or platform.

– Generates demand for a product or service.

Order if:

– if you need to increase the conversion of the site. The probability of buying is increased by 85%.

– if the goal of the company is to increase the attendance of your stand among the guests of the exhibition. Video advertising is able to gather more potential customers and partners at the event.

– if you need to impress and vividly declare your product. Such advertising helps to visually present the project to investors and partners.

– if you want to create a video presentation of a service or product. Video advertising increases the reach and exchange of a product among users.